Amazing Thailand

Remember To Use With "Page Section 100%" Template


Code: remember to use this shortcode inside the grid shortcode and with page template «Page Section 100%»

[destinations title="ASIA" color="blue" id="0" img="your image url" link="#"]

    [listdestination position="first" text="Cambodia"]
    [listdestination text="China"]
  [listdestination text="Arab Emirates"]
  [listdestination text="Japan"]
  [listdestination text="Maldives"]
   [listdestination text="Lorem Ipsum Dolor"]
  [listdestination position="last" text="Lorem Ipsum Dolor"]

      [link link="#"][icon icon="icon-mail-alt" color="#96a0af" size="15"][/link]
       [link link="#"][icon icon="icon-export-alt" color="#96a0af" size="15"][/link]

Parameters of the shortcodes

Parameters Description
[destinations title=»» insert the main title
[destinations id=»» this parameter is required. Enter the number 0, 1, 2, 3 .. for every shortcodes that you use the same page
[destinations img=»» insert your url image for the main image, the height of the image decides the height of the box on the right
[destinations link=»» insert the link to the icon on hover image
[destinations icon=»» insert the icon retina code if you want to change the default icon on hover image
[destinations color=»» use the lovetravel color class (red, yellow, orange, blue, green, violet)
[listdestination text=»» insert the content of your list
[listdestination link=»» insert your custom link
[listdestination position=»» first/last This parameter is required for the first and last item in the list